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The answer to all your braille, moon, large print and audio transcription problems.

We provide a rapid, high quality confidential service at very competitive rates.

We transcribe into all kinds of braille, moon, large print and audio.

We also produce tactile diagrams, graphs etc.

We will package and post your circular documents at a small charge, please ask for details.

We are able to work with documents received as hard copy (typescript or hand-written), or in electronic format as an attachment to an email message, on  floppy disc or CD rom.

The following formats are acceptable: Microsoft word, Word Perfect for Windows or MS DOS, text, Wordstar, PDF, tif, HTML, or even as Powerpoint presentation slides.

All work is completed and returned in the shortest possible time, in most cases within 24-48 hours, naturally large orders may take longer.

For full details of each of the services we provide please use the buttons on the left.


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